Friday, January 9, 2009

MAC Cosmetics

Carolyn used the following:

MAC Studio Fix
X Mascara in Black
Lip Liner in Spice
Lip Conditioner

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RulesGirl said...

Spice is in my opinion, THE END ALL AND BE ALL of lipliners. It's as close to perfection as a neutral lipliner can get. It goes well with just about every lipstick and stays in place all day. What more do you want from a liner? I used the lip conditioner religiously in high school. It was nice but a bit on the greasy side. It's like a smoother version of Vaseline. I used Studio Fix exclusively at one point also. The pigmentation is stunning and it really has a nice finish. But alas, it was to heavy for my sensitive skin and my pores couldn't take it for very long. My loss because it really did look wonderful.